As markets and consumers become more accessible and connected, branding will be the battle ground where victories are made.

The knowledge of War

Sqay is Persian for “knowledge of war” and dates to the Mughal period where writings spoke of sabre-fighting in Kashmir. In an era of brand wars where companies are constantly competing for mindshare and to remain top of mind, we give you the strategies and tools that your business needs to win.

At SQAY, we are equipped with an infantry of designers, writers, technologists, filmmakers, artists, changemakers, dreamers and misfits, all together on a mission to make your brand emerge victorious. We advise on winning strategies that are original and devote ourselves to your industry and market with laser focus and an insatiably curiosity.

Brand Strategy

More than just a logo, we go beyond and focus on building your brand.

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PR & Integrated Communications

Reputation is key, and we help you relate a credible story to audiences everywhere.

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Experiential Design

To us, brand experience is built on the premise of relationships.

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Visual Design

Our approach towards design stems from curiosity.

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